Plean Freagartha CDH Béarla (Covid Response Plan)

 Plean Freagartha CDH (Plean Freagartha as Gaeilge)

Admissions Notice 21:22(Admissions Notice)

Admissions Policy 21:22(Admissions Policy)


Ráiteas maidir le Cosaint Leanaí /Child Protection Statement 

Measúnú Riosca Maidir le Cosaint Leanaí/Child Protection Risk Assessment 

Seicliosta le haghaidh athbreithne ar an ráiteas maidir le cosaint leanaí/ Checklist for the review of the Child Protection Statement 

Fógra maidir le hAthbhreithniú an BB/Announcement concerning the review of the Child Protection Procedures of the BB 

Admissions and Participation Policy
Attendance Policy
Code of Behaviour including Disciplinary Procedures
Suspension Policy
Expulsion Policy
Child Safeguarding Protection Policy Ráiteas um chosaint leanaí 2020 Coláiste de hÍd
Critical Incident Policy
Anti-Bullying Policy as an integral part of the Code of Behaviour
Data Protection Policy
Data Access Procedures Policy
CCTV Policy
Special Needs Policy
Health and Safety Statement
Information and Communications Technology Policy
Policy on the use of social media in facilitating teaching and learning
Acceptable Use Policy for the Internet.
Code of Practice for dealing with complaints made by parent/s guardian/s of students
Whole School Guidance Plan
Homework Policy
Work experience/placement policy
One-to-one teaching and counselling policy/protocol
Pastoral care policy
Policy on vetting all school personnel – including volunteers
Dignity in the workplace policy
eSafety Policy
Other Policies – List not Exhaustive
Smoke free work policy
SPHE & RSE Policy
Home school liaison policy
Subject choice policy
Student assessment, record-keeping and reporting policy
Textbook policy
Home school liaison policy
Inclement weather / School closures policy