Torthaí Ardteiste 2020 / Leaving Cert Results 2020

Calculated grades and associated choices:

Information sheet for parents and students of the Leaving Certificate class of 2020

This information sheet summarises key information for students and parents of the Leaving Certificate class of 2020. All information is correct at the time of preparation (02/09/2020). Additional information will become available after the publication of this resource. Students and parents are therefore advised to continue to check for the latest information and updates.

Calculated Grades

Students will need their examination number, PPS number and account password.

  • These grades are OFFERINGS from the Department who are attempting to keep everything as ‘on schedule’ as possible during the global pandemic
  • Grades have been through a rigorous statistical process
    (similar to what happens every year)
  • Calculated grades can be used to allow you to progress to any pathway, just like any given year
  • Teachers may have given different grades than what is finally offered to students. Additional information will be available on student portal from Monday 14th September.
  • If students are not happy with grades, there are several options/choices they can make.
  • If students choose to sit one or more of the later examinations, the final Leaving Certificate will integrate the higher of the grades
  • These grades are provided in time for students who have applied through the CAO and the UK’s UCAS for college entry for the 2020/2021 academic year. ​
  • We do not know on the day of results what the points will be for certain courses
Appealing Calculated Grades
  • Students can apply to appeal between the 14th and 17th September 2020 (note – this is AFTER the CAO first round of offers) ​
  • Appeals will be made via the Student Portal on

Information will be added to the Student Portal over the coming days and weeks

  • Information on what the application involves will be available soon.
    Check key websites such as,
  • All aspects of data processing of calculated grades will be checked
    (it does not involve a review of the actual data/marks given to students) ​
  • Students will be notified of the result of the appeal on
  • If a student is upgraded in line with CAO requirements, they will receive an updated offer
  • A student may be able to take up the new offer for the year 2020/21 or can start in 2021/22
Key C.A.O. information
  • Offers will be made available by email / text only i.e. no posted offers
  • If you need to contact the C.A.O., the best way is to send an email and include your C.A.O. application number
  • CAO Dates to be aware of:
  • 11th Sept at 2pm: C.A.O. Round 1 offers
  • 16th Sept at 3pm: Acceptance of C.A.O round 1 offers must be returned
  • 18th Sept: Vacant places published by CAO​
  • 23rd Sept: C.A.O. Round 2 offers
  • 25th Sept: Acceptance of Round 2 offers ​
  • 1st Oct: C.A.O. Round 3 offers
  • 6th Oct: Acceptance of Round 3 offers ​
  • 8th Oct: C.A.O. Round 4 offers​
  • 13th Oct: Acceptance of Round 4 offers
  • HEAR / DARE information available at or contact the individual institution.
  • Deferral procedures remain the same (consult CAO handbook)
Sitting exams in November
  • Information will become available as time progresses​​
  • This is an option designed to accommodate students unsatisfied with grades​​
  • Students can sit one or all subjects, at their discretion ​​
  • The higher of the grades will be taken​​
  • Start date: Monday November 16th​​
  • Evenings and weekends​​
  • Written assessment only following the ‘normal’ layout.
  • Some subjects will include assessment of work submitted prior to school closures (Home Eco / Design and Communication Graphics / Physical Education Activity Project / Engineering)

Impact on CAO:
If grades increase, students will be provided with updated CAO offer and start in Autumn 2021. ​​

  • No impact on fees or student grant
Sources of further information



  • Colleges / University / Institute websites​



For information on apprenticeships

  • SUSI

For information on student grants

  • National Parent Council Leaving Certificate Helpline

For parents and students (7th-12th September)
1800 265 165

  • Adult Educational Guidance Services

  • South Dublin Partnership

Support in Coláiste de hÍde 1.The Booklet “The Class of 2020 The Results Are Out, What Now?” contains lots of information – emailed to students and on school website

2. The Guidance Counsellor is available by email or by phone. He will get back to you as soon as possible.

3. Please read this handout / look at Powerpoint before getting in touch as answers to queries may already be there.


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