Iontrálalcha Admissions

Advantages of Gaeloideachas

  • Students develop fluency and literacy in both Gaeilge and English and it is easier for them to learn additional languages
  • Students have greater cognitive flexibility and divergent thinking
  • Bilingualism gives students a greater sense of identity and increases their self-esteem
  • Students receive bonus marks in the Leaving Certificate
  • Bilingual education contributes to social, emotional and interpersonal growth in students
  • The same supports are made available to children with special educational needs in Irish-medium schools and they enjoy the same benefits of bilingual education



DEIS Status

19.8% of all Irish-medium and Gaeltacht post-primary schools have DEIS status. Schools participating in DEIS receive extra resources and supports. These include:

  • More staff and smaller class sizes
  • More funding and School Meals Programme
  • Access to additional Literacy and Numeracy



  • Additional student supports including a full time Guidance Counsellor
  • Additional parental supports through the Home School Community Liaison Scheme


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