Home School & Community Liaison has been operating in Coláiste de hÍde since 2017.

Contact: hs@colaistedehide.ie

or: 01 451 3984

or: 086 701 5284

Role of the Home School & Community Liaison Officer

  • To encourage and support cooperation between home, school and the local community.
  • To support parental involvement in their child’s education through various means of communication, such as home visits, phone calls, texting, community visits, etc.
  • To facilitate parental involvement in their child’s education through a variety of means, e.g. coffee morning, courses and/or speakers to school.
  • To encourage parents to participate in a more active and positive manner in their son’s/daughter’s education.
  • To encourage parents to recognise the importance and value of education for themselves and their child.
  • To encourage parents to develop their talents and skills with the purpose of improving themselves and their son/daughter.